Τhe entirely new complex of houses “Naoussa Bay Villas” is located at a particularly privileged position, easily and conveniently accessed.
In particular it is situated 150 meters from the sea and 3 minutes by car or 20 minutes on foot from the center of the amazingly scenic town of Naoussa, which is the very heart of the island of Paros all day long.
Similarly, the villas are situated in a 5-minute drive from the famous beaches Kolimbithres and Monastiri where you can enjoy various water sports.
A little far away, 10 minutes by car, you reach Santa Maria beach which is particularly famous, among others, to windsurfers all over the world. It is also an organized beach with water sports, a windsurfing and a water-skiing school.

Very close to the dwelling complex, in a 10-minute walking distance, there is a super-market and a bakery available for covering your everyday needs, while 50 meters away from our complex there is also a bus station to the center of Naoussa ( duration : 5 minute or to the center of Parikia (in 20 minutes) which is particularly convenient for those who do not have a car and particularly for the parents whose children are old enough to move around independently.

naoussa_bay naoussa


It is very easy to access the villas, since they are located a little before the entrance of the village of Naoussa and on an asphalted road 9 km. from the Port of Parikia, the Capital of the island and 20 klm. from the airport.

You may access the dwelling complex as follows:

Bus: The bus station is next to the port, on the right as you come from the pier. You can take the bus to Naoussa and after 20 minutes you arrive at the station which is at the crossroad to Kolimbithres. From there in 3-minute walking distance you reach the dwelling complex (there are street signs). Routes are modified in respect to the seasons (tel. 22840 – 21395). Please, be notified that no buses to Naousa pass by the airport.

Taxi: At the port, next to the pier there is a taxi station. You need approximately 15 minutes to get to our complex and the fee reaches the amount of 20 to 25 Euros. We can book a taxi in order to wait for you at the pier with a low extra charge.
At the airport you have definitely to call a taxi in order to get to your destination.

Car rental: We strongly recommend the rental ofa car on the island so that you can easily and conviniently enjoy and profit of all the beauties provided on Paros island. A car may wait for you at the port or the airport in case you wish to rent it in Paros to help you move around the island during your stay. Please take a look here : www.karent.gr

On private vehicle :
a)  from the port to the Villas Complex

b) from airport to the Villas Complex



Daily access from Athens to the island with Olympic Air Flights . The flight lasts 30 minutes approximately :


You may arrive on Paros, from Piraeus or Rafina, either on high-speed which arrives to Paros approximately in less than three hours (a little more expensive) or on ferry which arrives on Paros in four and a half hours approximately.

Please see here for the high speed boats : www.hellenicseaways.gr
Please see here for the regular ferries : www.bluestarsferries.gr


Few words about Paros

ΠάροςThe beautiful and cosmopolitan island of Paros stands in the center of the Cyclades and is the third island in size of this Aegean Sea island complex. The Cycladic architecture which is reflected in the buildings of the towns and the villages, its natural beauties, such as the idyllic endless sand-beaches with crystal clear waters, unique sunsets, rich undersea areas as well as the clubs at the seaside, the nice lodgings, the monasteries, the famous Holy Church Panagia Ekantapyliani and the archeological sites will fascinate all visitors. It is not a coincidence that Paros is an island which constitutes an attraction pole for many visitors who visit the island repeatedly. Visitors may experience either peaceful family holidays or holidays with night life and endless entertainment.
Actually the visitors’ recreation in Paros has been upgraded to “science” due to the perfect tourism organization and substructure. Many tiny bars and night-clubs, festivals, a summer cinema, restaurants with Greek and international cuisine, such as French, Italian, Mexican and Chinese, traditional fish taverns, ouzo-bars, satisfy any visitor’s desire. Moreover, daily cruises and fishing journeys are organized. There are also diving centers, sailing clubs, windsurfing , kite surf, ski centers, an impressive park with waterslides, and horseback-riding .
Due to its location Paros was historically the center of administrative and commercial activities and the crossroad of various cultures. Thus, the visitor who is interested in history and culture come across many archaeological findings, museums, Byzantine churches and monasteries during their tour.Πάρος
The Capital of the island is the attractive Parikia, which has interesting sights, narrow winding streets and atmospheric bars. The main port is located here and the Capital constitutes the point of arrival and departure of most visitors.
Nine kilometers from Parikia is situated the particularly picturesque Naoussa , the second in size villqge of the island and favorite destination of Greek and foreign visitors to the island. Everyone is fascinated by the charm of Naoussa and wish to prolong their visit there and not without a reason. Actually, at this majestic seaside settlement visitors see fishing boats swaying in the – probably – most beautiful and picturesque cove of the Cyclades, the jewel of the island actually, with impact of other cultures and civilizations, where the Venetian architectural elements lend a special charm. Walking through the white narrow streets which are full of tasteful stores, restaurants, bars and cafés located in premises that once were used as fishermen’s storerooms is a particular enjoyment.
Next to the port of Naoussa you find a variety of restaurants, ouzo-bars (ouzeri), and traditional taverns where you can taste delicious local food.
Other interesting places you are strongly suggested to visit are the various settlements, such as the extraordinary mountain village Lefkes, as well as Ambelas, Marpissa, Piso Livadi, Chryssi Akti, Alyki Dryos and many others.
Let’s then just relax and enjoy all the beauties offered so generously on the beautiful, hospitable and cosmopolitan island of Paros.
Paros has certainly everything you need to make it unforgettable!